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CA Guidelines (available here) do not require face masks or social distancing at this time. We will adhere to any changes that may occur during the run of the show.  Even though the state is not requiring masks or social distancing, and we have a beautiful outdoor venue to enjoy, for all our patrons added comfort and peace of mind, please see the following:

We will sell a limited number of tickets to each performance, capping at 75% capacity to ensure enough space for groups to safely distance themselves. Our new set will provide excellent views from anywhere in the house. 

We ask that you please form a 'Cozy Pod' with the people you attend a show with.  Sit close together with your group in order to ensure enough space for other Cozy Pods to form a comfortable distance away.  Be good to each other and communicate with other pods to ensure a comfortable distance between pods. 

Do not attend a performance if you are not feeling well or may be ill. We will gladly honor your ticket for another performance - to make arrangements, contact us via the website here.

Capacity limited to 75%
Be sure to purchase tickets ahead of time to guarantee a seat. Only limited availability at the door.

Patrons who are not yet vaccinated for any reason, including children who cannot currently receive a vaccination, are asked to please wear a mask while attending the festival.


We will not check vaccination status, or require masks. All patrons are encouraged to wear a mask for their own safety and comfort if they wish to. We will not require them, unless CA guidelines change. 

We will trust that you will behave responsibly demonstrating empathy, understanding, and good citizenship towards others. 

Please be aware and sensitive to social distancing when walking to and from the venue or away from your Cozy Pod to the wine bar or portable restrooms. 

Let's be good to each other.  Kindness is contagious. 

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